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Kevadia soon to become Electric Vehicle-Only Destination

Kevadia soon to become Electric Vehicle-Only Destination

Claiming one more first-of-its-kind to its name after the 182-metre tall Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Statue, Kevadia is gearing up to become an Electric Vehicle (EV) Only Destination in a phased manner.

The initiative to maintain the pristine beauty of nature intact has received a wide scale appreciation by nature-lovers and environmentalists among many others.

The transformation from fuel-based vehicles to battery-operated ones comes following PM Modi’s speech at the release of ethanol blending road map (2020-25). He said that Narmada district is being prepared with the necessary infrastructure to hold battery-based public transport like buses, and also private two and four-wheelers.

The first electric vehicle tourism initiative of the country was launched in Kevadia. With a fare of 1500 rupees for two hours, the eco-friendly eBikes also got started at Kevadia.