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Bloggers relish luxurious stay at Tent City Narmada

Bloggers relish luxurious stay at Tent City Narmada

Luxurious holiday is a dream for many. And sometimes those dreams do turn into reality like for the bloggers who were invited to relish a luxurious stay at Tent City Narmada.

Over 35 bloggers from across India along with 160 travel agents became guests of Tent City Narmada during March 24-25, 2022. The influential guests experienced the luxurious tented accommodation surrounded by nature in proximity to the Statue of Unity, the world’s tallest statue.

Tent City Narmada is renowned for its unmatched hospitality. The Resort ensured to enlighten the guests about unique features of the resort and surrounding area with a trip and an informative presentation on the tourist attractions in and around Kevadia. The guests couldn’t resist but capture the breathtaking views of the nature around and the appealing indoor attractions through their camera and mobile phones.

“As a travel blogger, I have visited many destinations in Gujarat and India. However, the serenity of Kevadia has appealed to me the most. Apart from the fact that the Statue of Unity is the world’s tallest statue, the aura of the place is so imposing that you want to keep coming back for more again and again. Adding to it is a luxurious tented stay at Tent City Narmada pampered with modern amenities and top-notch hospitality. Not to mention, the delicious delicacies by a 5-star hotel chain. I am glad I got an opportunity to explore this place”, a participating blogger shared.

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